TERC Overview

TRONEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) is the token that is going to fuel any of the TRON-Europe operations. It is a TRC10 token with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 that permits user experience flexibility. Due to the fact that TERC is only distributed as a voting reward, its limited circulating supply gives it the possibility of rising in value.
TERC has been integrated into several projects we are working on. In the projects you will be able to use both TERC and TRX. The value of TERC will be 1:1, meaning that 1 TERC = 1 TRX.

  • The token is already traded in some exchanges and it is expected to be listed in many more in the future.
    Some of the characteristics that TERC obtains are:
  • Holders of TERC will be eligible for several airdrops in the future
  • Holding TERC in your wallet will grant you access to zero or reduced fees in coming projects
  • TERC is only distributed as Voting Rewards, so the circulating supply will raise slowly
  • Holding TERC is rewarded like voting in the SR Election
  • You will need an amount of TERC in your wallet (Just hodl, no costs) to activate our new DExchange.

TERC Rewards short version

I. Revenue Tron Europe as SR
Tron Europe will receive TRX for acting as SR. These TRX serve as the basis for calculating the Rewards.

II. Rewards for voters
If you vote for Tron Europe with your frozen TRX, you will receive Terc as a reward.
As an example you get for:
• 100. 000 TRX approx. 20. 54 TRX,
• 10. 000 TRX approx. 2. 05 TRX,
• 1.000 TRX approx. 0. 20 TRX per day. If Tron Europe is now promoting 500% rewards                                                                                                                     this means you take the above TRX times 5 (2. 05 TRX *500% = 10.27 Terc per day).

III. Rewards for holding Terc
If you keep the earned Terc in your wallet you will get another reward from Tron Europe. At present this is 250%. – 100,000 terc approx. 20. 54 tercs,
• 10,000 terc approx. 2. 05 tercs,
• 1,000 terc approx. 0. 20 terc per day.
At 250% you take your terc per day now times 2. 5 (2. 05 terc *250%= 5. 13 terc per day)

IV. Rewards for projects
If you don’t keep your Terc in the wallet, but invest it in a project of Tron Europe you
will get a bigger reward. At present this is 500%. – 100,000 terc approx. 20. 54 tercs,
• 10,000 terc approx. 2. 05 tercs,
• 1,000 terc approx. 0. 20 terc per day.
At 500% you take your terc per day times 5 (2. 05 terc *500% = 10. 27 terc per day).
And always remember: A day consists of 4 payments (10. 27/4=2. 57 terc every 6 hours). Very important here is the period in which this 500% is paid. If the project reaches the soft cap and is thus realized by definition, the payments are.

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