TRON-Europe eSports Division

Taking eSports to a new level!

About TESD

The Tron-Europe-Esports-Division (TESD) was initiated to create another link between the Blockchain and the growing world of Esports.

The aim is to educate, support and promote the mass of this industry. By the use of a universally usable token (TERC), the use and the handling of the blockchain should be facilitated.

With the help of several Esport teams and clubs, the TESD reaches a large audience to attract attention. Furthermore, TESD creates a large network that will make it easier for players and audiences to interact with each other.

This will improve communication between the audience and their idols. Furthermore, there is a lot of unused potential in the small and youth sector, through this promotional work TESD and TE also supports regional structures and their economy.

TESD should establish itself as a recognized name in esports.


– adapt Blockchain

– bridge gaps between player and audience

– teamnews

– social media and streams

– tournaments and bootcamps

– sponsoring and advertising

– promoting youth talents

– real life events

– sportsbetting

– marketplace

– exclusive GoT- leagues