Phase 0

Project Initiation

Phase 1

ICO – Implementation

Phase 2


Phase 3

The project is now live

Development to legal personality and further fundraising outside Tron-Europe


What Tron-Europe offers projects at this stage:

Marketing support

Support up to legal entity status

External IEO support

Contact mediation Exchanges & Press & Angels investors

What happens during this period

Anyone interested in a secure and early investment and wanting to buy at the lowest possible price should join the Tron-Europe Community and keep TERC.

Purchasing the project tokens

Investors outside the Tron-Europe community now have the opportunity to purchase the project tokens – so-called holder tokens.
Holder tokens entitle the holder to 50% of the partial profits of the project
The project organizes Private Sales and/or IEOs and is looking for additional investors to expand business development and marketing.
Here the token price is of course higher, as the pre-conditions from the ICO are no longer available.

Development of the project

The development of the project is secured! The project is in the programming stage. It makes important business contacts, presents itself to the international audience at trade fairs and prepares all necessary steps for a release.

Investors protection

Tron-Europe ensures investor protection. In order to avoid any possible fraud attempts, the allocation of the investment taken in the ICO is done only as required and necessary. The project cannot run away with the funds.
Furthermore, a regulated capitalization is carried out to avoid flooding the market and price dumping of the TERC.