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888TRON and TRON-Europe are excited to announce an EXCLUSIVE strategic partnership.

As you all know, Tron Europe is one of the most active Super Representatives on the Tron Network.

TERC is the token that fuels any of the TRON Europe operations. Due to the fact that TERC is only distributed as a voting reward, its limited circulating supply gives it the possibility of rising in value.

888TRON and TRON Europe have made an EXCLUSIVE partnership where 888tron.com will be the first and only gambling platform that will offer TERC token play!

We will update our roadmap accordingly. We will launch TERC token play in December along with other major content updates!


This strategic partnership will enable both platforms to support each other. We will help each other grow and become more successful over the years to come.


2020 will be the year of TRX, TRON-Europe and 888TRON!

More info about this partnership will be released later.


Please also check out these amazing Dapps being developed right now on the TERC ecosystem:

Game of Trons

is a cool Trading Card Game being developed right now. Game of Trons will be Free-To-Play with the option for In-App-Purchases like new card sets, new characters and tournament funds.


is a health and sports Dapp that creates a monetary incentive.


has the mission to create a decentralized marketplace based on the vast potential of the cryptocurrency payment system. The Dapp is currently in closed Beta.


The TRON-Europe-eSports-Division or TESD was initiated to create another link between the Blockchain and the growing world of eSports. The aim is to educate, support and promote the mass of this industry.

Aftermath Islands

is a massive multiplayer online strategic role playing game being, developed on the Tron blockchain network, that encourages community involvement.

Check your Rewards

All our rewards that we get from the TRON Foundation as a Super Representative, we give back in form of TERC (TRONEuropeRewardCoin) to our voters.


TRONEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) is the token that is going to fuel any of the TRON-Europe operations. Due to the fact that TERC is only distributed as a voting reward, its limited circulating supply gives it the possibility of rising in value.

The Voting System

To vote for a Super Representative, you will need to make sure that your TRX is frozen. This will create “Tron Power” and give you power to vote. This does not cost you TRX, it will only lock them for a period of 3 days

The time is now for dApps

Project Origin is a platform to help developers gain the funding they require to build, launch and promote their dApps.



TRON-Europe investor protection

TRON-Europe manages the wallets of the projects that run through TRON-Europe Origins under ICO.

Managing of project wallets ensures funds from investors are kept independant by Tron Europe on the part of the project developers. Should the ICO not be successful, TRON-Europe guarantees repayment of the funds received.

In the case of a successful ICO, the required funds are only partially paid out to the project developers if the purpose of the funds is justified.

Tron Europe also ensure that the progress of the development is made public on a regular basis.

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